Scalp & Hair Dryness

There are so many types of scalp disorders. When clients come in and want to stop scalp and dandruff problems.  There are so many causes of which can be many issues such as the buildup of products, oils, diet, the consultation is thorough. Let’s start with your hair products- using a products to clean your scalp and following it up with a shampoo with the proper p.H (5.5- 6.5) is important.  Use the products the dermatologist recommends for your scalp and try to use it mainly for your scalp.  Follow it up with a shampoo that has the proper p.H. again.  If you are using no-poo shampoos and seeing build up.  We’ll you will need to wash your hair more frequently.

A Certified Trichologist can usually get to the root cause easily. They may use a magnification scope to evaluate what is happening with the scalp and follicles. What type of scalp issue it is and recommend a dermatologist who specializes in scalp issues or recommend a cleansing regimen?

During the winter, depending on where you live, sometimes your scalp can be drier than usual.  You may be due for a detox of the scalp but also, the hair. A scalp detox is similar to a facial for your face; it exfoliates buildup. The goal is to ensure the papilla cells (specialized cells at the end of the hair follicle responsible for hair formation and growth), receive nourishment and cleansing from inside and out.


Scalp cleansing  –  scalp pure



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