There are two different types. 1. Can be caused by application to skin or scalp that you get a reaction, swelling, burning or itching, blister, watery eyes. 2. This can be a reaction from a product or sometimes using too much of a product more isn’t always better. We will recommend a dermatologist after an assessment if needed.


It is is inflammation of the hair follicle. It appears to have small bumps sometimes mean get this from shaving from in grown hairs. This can be affected anywhere on the body. In most cases it is caused by bacteria and fungus


Tinea Capitis has been around for years and usually known as “Ringworm” It is rare you see in adults. It is a fungus and can be transferred in many places of the body groin, beard. If you see small white patches that are balding you can over the counter products.


Lichen Planus can be a aggressive skin disorder which is autoimmune related. The bumps have a reddish-purplish color with a raised bumps. This can reach anywhere on the body. They can be very itchy and seating in a bath with baking soda can be a slight relieve seeing a dermatologist who specializes in Lichen Planus or an alternative practitioner that can help you with relieve and cleansing remedies can be an option