Took a deep dive last month and did a PITCH contest!!! The day before I told my business coach, Marsha, from HerSuiteSpot, I would have to cancel because I felt that I could not get through the competition without my computer.  She is amazing, giving me just an encouraging nudge and said, “Okay.”  Sometimes daring to move forward is being able to face that FEAR. So I literally fought my way through, Faced Everything and Recovered. I didn’t win the $5,000 but I came out a winner of $500 and the confidence to move my business forward.   What a leap of faith this was for me!  Getting out of my comfort zone to share my vision for Your Own Uniqueness was a game changer.  I used cue cards, not my computer, and I fumbled trying to hold the mic, look at my slide presentation and then speak, all the while with my heart racing. It felt very overwhelmed.  However, as I got to the end and the judges started to ask me questions, I finally felt like I could continue on and share a small portion of my life’s work.
I’m very passionate about my work. It allows me to guide and support people to look and feel their best.  Earlier in my career I began seeing improper use of chemicals, hair color and hair traction, especially with models and performing artists when I worked for Sony Records, Rip the Runway as well as Fashion Week.  The pressure of women to look beautiful despite the damage to not only their hair but the ramifications of mental stress due to the perceived notion of “beauty” was so alarming, I could no longer turn a blind eye.
Being the bridge between the physicians and dermatologist as a Certified Trichologist, Holistic Practitioner and Iridologist, I have been able to find solutions to address the issues found in damaged hair and its correlation to poor health.  The combination of overworked women and men not taking the time to care for themselves, eating fast food, GMO foods, not to mention the decline in soil nutrients, all interact to play a pivotal role in the changes I witnessed.  In adjunct, hormonal imbalances, gut issues and auto-immune conditions are also contributing factors.
During the 15 years of practicing Trichology, I have been committed to developing products, solutions and protocols to help my clients find their own hair and wellness journey. The step-by- step books I wrote, have been a beacon to help guide my their mind, body, emotions, to employ forgiveness, make better food choices and lifestyle changes and spirit to “overstand” it is all encompassing process.
Thank you Marsha, for continuing pulling me up to the mountain top.
Love you