Growing Out Hair To Natural Gray Hair Color

At Y.O.U Hair, Wellness & Lifestyle Clinic, a boutique specializing in hair & wellness. As a lifestylist, I know very well the pressures women face to look a certain way to be perceived as beautiful. They have to adapt to the ever-changing trending landscape, all while trying to maintain almost impossible standards of beauty.
Hair color can be a statement and you must be confident in what you want your hair to say.

For many women, their hair color is their “signature” . People know them by their fiery red color or soft balayage framing their face. Sometimes you have to step back and ask WHY is this your signature and are you ready for a change?
There are a number of additional questions that must be considered when thinking of whether it’s time for a change or to keep your signature look.

  1. Is it in my budget?
  2. Liberating a new Y.O.U?
  3. Friends or family want you to change?
  4. Are you interested in trying something?
  5. Does my hair feel unhealthy?
  6. Am I willing to cut my hair?

If you are in fact ready for a change, you may ask, what are my first steps?

You have to take all factors into consideration.

Do you want an immediate change, a gradual change, or an unassuming change? Something that may be more subtle.

So, let’s talk options:

  1. See a professional who specializes in color.
  2. Bring at least 3 pictures of how you would like your hair to look.
  3. Decide what your budget is

This way during your consultation your stylist can give you varied options from the following:

  1. Adding natural hi-lights partially to your hair so there is a soft demarcation line.
  2. Adding low-lights to your hair every 3 months which will achieve a softer gradual growing-out process.
  3. Adding a transparent gloss that doesn’t cover your hair color but tones down the color and slowly achieves your natural hair color.
  4. Coloring your entire hair to your natural hair color with a blending technique that will add shine and softness.

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