Blending for Detoxing

Consuming more fruits and vegetables is something that Vegans, Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Raw, Atkins and Mediterranean dieters can all agree on. 

The practice of blending, which is a dietary lifestyle nowadays, is a quick way how to detox your body. I created my book Detox 4 Y.O.U, to help my clients get to the ABC’s of basic blending techniques. In some cases, clients seeking how to improve their health choose to make “delicious” fruit smoothies daily resulting in elevated blood sugar.

Blending is the processing of whole fruits and vegetables, with added water, juice or non-dairy beverage and ice (optional) to produce a thick drink popularly known as a smoothie. If blended longer, it may have a thinner, more liquid consistency. Your everyday kitchen blender may likely not have a motor powerful enough to achieve the smooth and well-blended consistency of the best blenders for juicing on the market today. Consider investing in a Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja or Health Master. Nutri-Bullet is equally good to get started.


Blending retains food fiber, requiring your digestive system to work harder to break it down versus juicing. The benefit of a blended drink is that the high fiber makes it more filling and easier to poop. The cleansing process is an extra bonus, Detox 4 Y.O.U teaches you how to experience plant foods combinations to create wonderful culinary experiences (color, taste, texture) that are geared at cleansing your body, providing it the nourishment it needs and improving your health.

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