About us

Welcoming you to Y.O.U, Your Own Uniqueness, where we specialize in hair & wellness! Y.O.U. Is a Hair & Wellness Clinic, in New York. We offer services that are about your Lifestyle and create goals to achieve the best Y.O.U! With over 30 years experience in the Beauty Industry we are unique because we use a Holistic approach to beauty, inspiring and striving to discover the best YOU in mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to support you in a holistic hair care and wellness approach in collaboration with our creative and seasoned team. So thank you for allowing us to be apart of your wellness journey where it’s all about Y.O.U and Your Own Uniqueness!


Y.O.U. Manager


Jackie , is the heart of Y.O.U. Gifted in so many aspects of making Y.O.U. a safe place to help our clients get the answers and questions you need for your hair and wellness journey. Jackie is the Manager of YOU as well as one of our biggest success stories of wellness transformation. Because of Jackie’s journey she provides great insight and guidance to our clients. Feel free to ask her anything in regard to your Hair & Wellness journey and she will get you to the right person.

Holistic Hair & Wellness Pracitioner


Marie specializes in Hair Care from the inside out. As a Raw Food Chef she uses these tools to ignite energy and wellness. She helps clients balance their life through natural holistic nutrition. Marie is also a licensed cosmetologist in New York and New Jersey. Holistic Health Coach,, Energy Practitioner. Holistic Assessment $150.00 1 hr. 30 min.



Kamila Hadiya is trained singer, sound healer, and founder of Sound Your Soul, a music meditation. Healing with sound dates back to our African homeland. Sacred voice and pure-toned instruments transmit healing energy to improve our physical and emotional health and well-being. This high vibrational music scientifically harmonizes our spirit-mind-body connection and strengthens our community through aspects of traditional African melodies, rhythms and language. $20.00 Attuning Ethers, Unlock Your Soul Potential and Clear Negative Karmic $150.00, Holistic Consultation $100.


Things to know before your visit

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover For corrective work we require a consultation that can be done via e-mail or in-salon and we require a $100 deposit so we can block out half day for our stylist to accommodate you. If you cancel or reschedule the appointment a new deposit will be required.