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I’m Liana, your Lifestylist, welcoming you to Y.O.U, that’s Your Own Uniqueness, where we specialize in hair & wellness!
Y.O.U. Is a Hair & Wellness Clinic, in New York. We offer services that are about your Lifestyle and create goals to achieve the best Y.O.U! With over 30 years experience in the Beauty Industry we are unique because we use a Holistic approach to beauty, inspiring and striving to discover the best YOU in mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to support you in a holistic hair care and wellness approach in collaboration with our creative and seasoned team. So thank you for allowing us to be apart of your wellness journey where it’s all about Y.O.U and Your Own Uniqueness!

Welcome to About Us



DAWN had experienced chemical hair damage and was very upset as my hair broke and came out in different areas, I did research on the Internet and found Liana, who happens to be not only a hair stylist, but also a trichologist, iridologist and holistic practitioner, she examined my hair when I went to her and also wanted to make sure that my eating habits were healthy, she put me on a cleanse program as she wanted me not only to have healthy hair but to be healthy as well, she did give me a very short hair cut. I live in Brooklyn but I do go out to Queens where Liana is located to get my hair done by her, it is sure worth the trip, as each time I leave her, I am so very happy and contented with how she has done my hair , I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have a healthy head of hair and scalp


Very Lovely People That Work At That Place... I Put Four Stars Because I Was Burnt Twice and That Shit Hurt!!! But Overall The Products They Use Is Really Good. No Sulfates. Very Clean and Organized; Always On Top Of It. Women Named Leanna... might of spelled her name wrong I'm sorry girl!!!! She also went to college for health and hair. Wellness is the company she also invest her time; plus her book about how to detox ya body without force... The preparation of the mentality comes first. There so many services there; so many you can do and get help for.... you must go!



We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover For corrective work we require a consultation that can be done via e-mail or in-salon and we require a $100 deposit so we can block out half day for our stylist to accommodate you. If you cancel or reschedule the appointment a new deposit will be required.