30-Day Lifestyle Change

DETOX – REBOOT – REJUVENATEIt’s All About Y.O.U!Aug 8, 2022

30 Days of Healthy eating, moving, heart-healing, loving, laughing, and of course pooping your way to the Best Y.O.U

A 30-day lifestyle change designed to take you on a journey of wellness and self-discovery to renew not just the body, but mind and spirit!

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Detox 4 Y.O.U Book

Your 30-Day Lifestyle Journal (printable)

A Guide to Prayer & Meditation (print)

Joyful Health (bonus chapter)

Digestive Enzyme

Vitamin D (Mct oil & Mk-7)

pH Sticks

Accountability & Support

Start Today and Get

30-Days of Guided Instruction and Inspirational (audio)
Meal Plan (printable)
Weekly (live) check-ins along with Special Guest (health & wellness experts) with Q & A Sessions
A Guide to Prayer & Meditation (video)

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Y.O.U need to get unstuck
Y.O.U need a reset
Y.O.U need clarity about your health
Y.O.U need to detox emotionally

Y.O.U need to detox physically
Y.O.U need to get a spiritual reset
Y.O.U need to gain more confidence
Y.O.U need to just get started

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