Liana Robinson is a life stylist that has been serving the Beauty industry for over 30 years. She is a certified holistic practitioner and certified Iridologist; this has helped  to specialize in “hair loss” and “transitioning hair” chemical processed hair to healthy hair. After years of dedicated study and sharing her knowledge with others it has become clear that healing and supporting people to alternative “lifestyle” practice is her calling. As the proud owner of Y.O.U. Hair Wellness & Lifestyle Spa Liana helps her clients with health, hair loss, beauty, and overall wellness. Y.O.U stands for Your Own Uniqueness because every person has their own unique body chemistry, DNA, life experiences, and family culture and your path to wellness will be like no one else’s. Liana’s goal is to help as many people as she can to balance their mind, body and spirit. These goals include understanding how your mind processes information, how your body works, how to make better food choices, and learn how to detox – thus practicing a healthy lifestyle of fun, productivity, physical activity, and emotional peace.